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The geofence circle on the home map screen has a radius 50 meters. People inside the boundary which have the BeKind app running will be designated by a circular icon and their gold, silver or bronze kindness status. The compass function is designed to help you point the top of your phone towards people inside to confirm and gift “DonorDollars” to.
The clear circle icon in the center of the fence boundary designates you and your location. To send thanks to people inside the boundary, use your finger to touch your clear icon in the center of the geofence. While touching, you may drag your icon to the person’s icon to synchronize. Once synchronized the designated person’s icon will blink and their name/user name will appear on the “sync/send thanks” bar.  To send “DonorDollars”, simply touch the plus sign to set the number of DonorDollars to send, then touch  the arrow on the far right to send. Note: If you wish to change the person which you have synced to, but not yet sent “DonorDollars” to, simply touch your clear icon and drag it anywhere on the map screen. Note: If the map screen is not present, check your cellular and or internet connection.
The line bar in the top left-hand corner of the home screen will bring up a pull-down screen as a short cut and to other functionality such as chat or refer a friend.
This takes you to the home page.
If you wish to use the application to scan a qr code, touch and the QR code scanner will launch. You may also scan using your camera. “I” (information icon takes you to the help screen for help.
The History page contains a list of the DonorDollars you have sent and received and refunded. When sending thanks, if the person has not collected them after three days, these “DonorDollars” tokens will be redeposited back to your account, and no longer be available in the link which you sent.
The dashboard transaction designates how many “DonorDollars” tokens you have, all of your “purchase” and “gift” transactions as accounting for these activities. On the dashboard screen are the icons to “Buy DonorDollars”, Gift DonorDollars to your favorite charity, Request DonorDollars, and Send DonorDollars. The idea behind sending a Request for DonorDollars is based upon the idea that if someone wishes to thank you in return for something you have done, you can send them a QR Code/Link which will allow them to send DonorDollars to you. Consider the Fed Ex driver that goes to great lengths to find you. You ask; “How can I thank you? He responds, just send me a few “DonorDollars”…

To get tokens you must click on the “Get Free  DonorDollars” button on the Dashboard Screen.

These tokens hold no inherent real-dollar value but serve as a means to encourage involvement within the BeKind Foundation’s community of giving and gaming for charitable purposes.

The primary objective is to establish the BeKind Charitable Bank smoothly. Currently, the token is freely obtainable and doesn’t represent actual currency. The intention is to potentially convert these tokens and listed gifts into a tangible US dollar value in the future through significant donations from gaming, banking, large foundation, or corporate entities.

We have an extensive list of Charitable organizations you may choose to gift your DonorDollars to. The number is over 2 million. In order to help you, we have many ways to find your favorite charity if you don’t already have one in mind. As well, once you find your favorites you may save them.

You must have at least 10 DonorDollars to gift and must set the amount before you decide where they go. Once set, the next screen will show your “favorite charities (set in preferences in the app), suggested charities which are come with gifted DonorDollars as suggestions and then custom search and widget search buttons. Experiment with both. Save your favorites.

The BeKind Charitable Bank is building and will sell the first Virtual Charitable Unicorn to a larger gaming company, bank, or company at scale.

They day we sell, the money will be used to back our community token DonorDollars with real currency, and process all of our community gifts in the registry.

The Registry will be published only for our member’s access.

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The profile icon displays your profile. You may edit your profile and or log out.
Gesture Setting The gesture setting default provides the application standard use of the icon buttons when sending thanks. The shake phone icon allows the user to wave to the person receiving thanks. This functionality and additional game like interactions are for future exploration. It is recommended that you choose the default setting.
This setting is for your security and tied to your password. It provides for the maximum largest amount of thanks which may be sent at any one time. It is reset daily or by using your password to increase or decrease. Daily Transfer Limit. It is similar to your Single DonorDollars Transfer limit in that it is set using your password and resets daily.

This function allows you to set your favorite organizations so that you do not have to find them again. As well, these organizations are delivered with DonorDollars that you send to others. Recipients of your thanks will see them as ones you like, but they are not required to gift to them. This is useful for people or organizations who got blocks of thanks and distribute them to many customers, friends, employees, and alumni.

Final Note:

When you send a DonorDollars, the amount is deducted once you generate the link. If for some reason you do not want to send the link, use the scan button on the home page and click on the link. It will be redeposited to your wallet. All DonorDollars which are deducted when sending that are not collected are redeposited in three days back to your wallet. You can go to your “History” screen and click on the Refund button to review.


Give DonorDollars to charities while you play with your friends

Message from our Principal Trustee

The DonorDollars initiative aims to foster a community around a charitable token. As of now, these tokens are available to add to your wallet at no cost, offering three primary functionalities:

  1. Gifting: DonorDollars can be easily gifted to another individual for any reason through the Be-Kind App.
  2. Gaming Integration: They can be utilized and played for in video games that support the DonorDollars API. The goal is to integrate this token into numerous games, and those interested in doing so can reach out to us via
  3. Charitable Donations: Users can post their DonorDollars gifts to over a million 5013c charities in the app’s database via the Giving Registry.

As the community grows, individuals will continue to receive tokens for free, enabling them to send gifts to friends or charities, play games at no cost, and contribute to charities through the Giving Registry, all facilitated by the Be-Kind App. Future plans include tying the tokens’ value to a donor partnership. This initiative intends to secure the value of each token in circulation, thereby establishing a system where Donor Tokens will hold a dollar value. New tokens can then be purchased through credit card or PayPal.

The overarching message of the initiative is to “Play for your Passion,” aiming to create a community of generous gamers and kind-hearted individuals.

Your support is appreciated, and we welcome any suggestions or feedback at

Peter Malacek

Principal Trustee

The BeKind Foundation