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Join our community of nice, cooperative and kind people. Donate directly to the BeKind Foundation and/or download our app and purchase our “token” DonorDollars for $1.00 each. Both are considered a donation for tax purposes. Using the Be-Kind mobile app, you may share “DonorDollars” with anyone. If you have 10, you may gift their dollar value to your charity of choice.

What we do


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“This Happened to Me”

Be part of a global gratitude network where our charitable currency “DonorDollars” are first a donation at purchase, then may be “shared with anyone”.  DonorDollars, when redeemed and their dollar value are gifted to the member’s charity of choice. With all that is going on in the world that keeps us apart, how can we build something that will bring us together in some small, but meaningful way? And in that way, we can all build a more charitable and caring world. It may be as simple as holding a door open or chasing down a bunch of runaway lemons (play the video). We are many, working as one. -> Founders Message

Kindness is a human brand

Be part of the kind movement and invite your friends. We seek to build a social ecosystem that rewards kind, helpful, cooperative, and courteous acts in public and online.

Kindness is Now an Olympic Game

As people accumulate DonorDollars, win the gold medal which will be visible to others.

Sharing DonorDollars

Give the token DonorDollars to anyone for any reason.

Choose your Nonprofit

At any time, a person with DonorDollars in their mobile app account, can go to the dashboard and click on the "gift thanks" button. Then they may search and choose their favorite charity to gift their value.

DonorDollars Are Backed By The U.S. Dollar

At the time of the gift of DonorDollars, we send their dollar value to the customer’s charity of choice.

Invite your friends

Simple as texing a QRCode with DonorDollars as a gift

Play for DonorDollars...

winner chooses the charity of choice

Build your Kindness Score

for making that extra effort where it counts for others.

A charitable allowance

for helping around the house

Building Corporate Teams

Thank with a thanks.

Friendly visual interface

The Bekind Application is a simple and frictionless way to buy,
share and redeem thanks for their dollar value to your choice of a charitable foundation.

Available for iOS and Android Devices

BeKind is an independent giving platform which gives both hard working people,
employees, students, sportsmen this economy.

Download the Be-Kind app for your phone →